Jubilee in the company of long-term friends and associates

Loving something gives our lives a sense of meaning and when we get to do something we love for a living, that is the real success. Sensei Borko Radovanovic has put in a lot of hard work, energy, knowledge and most of all dedication which has led him to be able to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his training of martial arts and 10th anniversary of starting his own Dojo ‘’Takeda’’.

In honor of this jubilee, a seminar was held in his hometown Kraljevo with the attendance of great masters of martial arts, his long-term friends and students.

During the opening, the commendations were given to everyone who had shown support and helped him in his journey.

One of Borko’s first teachers, sensei Branislav Bane Miljkovic, expressed his satisfaction in Borko’s success, all that he has achieved with his Dojo and for the cooperation he has established with Dojos and associations from all over the world.

“For me, the greatest success is when you’re 85 years old and you still have the willpower to train and the love for it’’, said Sensei Miljkovic who is even now one of Borko’s close friends, someone he looks up to and his mentor both in regards to work and his personal life.

After the representation of skills shown by Kyoshi Borko Radovanovic who has the title of 7 Dan Goshin Ryu Ju Jutsu, one of the highest titles for this martial art which was given to him by Hanshi Steve Barnett in 2017, other masters have stepped out and shown their respective skills during the seminar.

The next meeting will be held in June at the usual WAMA Seminar.

For the photos from the seminar click here.

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