WAMA Seminar in Kragujevac

The beauty and variety of Ju Jutsu martial art

Another WAMA seminar has been held, this time in Kragujevac. The best Ju Jutsu masters represented the best, most interesting techniques and passed down their knowledge and experience to younger students at this seminar which lasted for about four hours. Another filled out gym hall has shown once more that there is a big interest among the younger students to see the beauty and variety of this art.

Kyoshi Borko Radovanovic from ‘’Takeda’’ Dojo in Belgrade opened the seminar, once more reminding us that the key to the beauty of Ju Jutsu lies in different ways in which every school teaches and also in the specific ways every master teaches. That is exactly one of the goals of organizing these seminars, to pay respect to the individuality while following the principles which WAMA promotes.

The students paid great attention to presentations and lessons from experienced Senseis: Milovan Matovic, Dusan Miloradovic, Danijel Balac, and Borko Radovanovic. It all came together with the lessons from Sensei Branislav Bane Miljkovic, who spoke about the importance of correct breathing techniques, maintaining balance and stability while doing the techniques to correctly learn and master the art.

The seminar showed that with a precise presentation of the masters and with the active participation of each student, it is possible to easily master the basics of techniques that could be part of the learning program in other martial arts schools.

The testing for the Ju Jutsu Student and Master titles was held at the end of the seminar.

The seminar took place at the Dojo ‘’Kraguj’’ in Kragujevac, who was one of the organizers along with ‘’Takeda’’ Dojo from Belgrade.
The next meeting has been arranged for the spring of 2020.

For the photos from the seminar click here.

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