WAMA Serbia seminar


When you’re walking through the streets of Kraljevo, most of them will take you straight to the town center which has the shape of a perfect circle, where you can admire the beautiful monument built in honor of Serbian fallen heroes. This square is the most popular meeting point of the town and also the symbol of a town which always welcomed guests with good intentions.
Because of this, it’s no surprise that Kraljevo has been elected as the meeting place for a get-together for the representatives of noble skills of martial arts for another WAMA Seminar.

Masters of Ju Jutsu from all Serbian regions came together to pass down some of their knowledge and experience during the two-hour seminar.

The seminar began with some breathing exercises that help with maximizing the strength and bringing both the mind and the body to the state of peace, which were the introduction to the more dynamic part of the seminar.

The students enjoyed the show of skills which the masters have presented and they also showed that the learning of martial arts is training that lasts your whole life and that you can only achieve perfection by being really dedicated to the art.

It was exactly thanks to that dedication and hard work that lasts longer than 11 years, that Sensei Danijel Balać from the ‘’Takeda’’ Dojo earned the title of 2 Dan for the Goshin Ryu Ju Jutsu art. The title was given to him by Kyoshi Borko Radovanović, with the consent of Hanshi Steve Barnett and WAMA.

The seminar was held by Martial Arts Dojo ‘’Takeda’’ and led by Kyoshi Borko Radovanović – 7 Dan Goshin Ryu Ju Jutsu, with the support of other masters that are members of WAMA.

For the photos from the seminar click here.

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