Winter magic at ‘’Takeda’’ costume party

Aside from learning and practicing the art, at the ‘’Takeda’’ Dojo, we try to encourage children to get to know each other better, to play with each other and show more of their individuality. That’s why we sometimes organize creative practices where we focus on making conversation and where the children showcase their talents.

Because the New Year’s holidays are coming, this time we wanted to celebrate them in a special way. We threw a costume party, and the children surprised us with their creative costumes, where they came dressed as Batman, a magician, a soldier, princesses and fairies, fashion designers, musicians, witches… We all danced and sang together and the smiles on our faces where the proof of just how special moments like these are for all of us.

It’s exactly on practices like these where we make the best memories and learn what real friendship means, but it’s also a way to relax from all the hard work and training in which we spend all year.

We wish all of you lots of success and happiness,
Your ‘’Takeda’’ Dojo

For the photos from the party click here.

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